The future

I’m finally a big bad senior! I don’t really feel like I’m big or bad. Most of the freshman class is a lot taller than I am which does not qualify me to be big and I’m very good friends with our principal which definately does not qualify me to be bad. I am getting more responsible now, and I am constantly taking notes for my AP Bio class and I have been doing all of my homework on the days that it is assigned. I really wish I would have decided to do this freshman and sophomore year so I wouldn’t have to stress out as much now about getting into college. I’m hoping to get into Mizzou. I’m also thinking about UMKC and SIUE. I’ve been to Mizzou and SIUE and I liked them both, but oddly enough, I liked SIUE’s campus a lot better. It felt like “home”, so I’m not sure why my heart is set on Mizzou. I guess it would be a good idea to go on an “official tour” to both colleges, huh? I’ve always wanted to be a children’s nurse and work at a hospital, but since I’ve become friends with the administration, I’ve come to find out that I’m really interested in becoming an administrator myself. I’m interested in history, so I would definately become a history teacher and I can honestly see myself back at Mehlville after I graduated from college. I’m definately going to declare myself as a pre-med student when I get to college but I’m still open to becoming a teacher and getting a degree in high school administration. Or at least I think that’s what you’re supposed to get, right? What ever my future holds, I’m ready for it and I will do what ever it takes to be successful.